• I have no words to describe how wonderful you are and how lovely you are. I’ve been waiting for the moment just to thank you for all your efforts. Thanks. I was so impressed last Tuesday at the library how my little precious Esther was performing. I can’t stop laughing. I am happy. You really work hard. You’re appreciated. Teachers are a gift from the Lord. Special thanks to Miss Erum and mother for the wonderful staff. God bless all of you.

    -Esther Regis


    There are many things I could say to all the “Yellow” teachers who care for Truvell, but mostly thank you so much for keeping him safe, happy & teaching him new things each day. He LOVES coming to see you & it is so wonderful to have such loving people care for him while his parents are at work. The Yellow Yummies teachers make our lives easier each day & put a smile on Truvell’s face. Thank you all for your patience.

    -Truvell Crump Jr.


    I feel so lucky to be able to have my daughter with me while at work. It is the best feeling to just peek in while she’s interacting with her teachers and her friends and to see her singing all the nursery rhymes she has learned at school. Even if I wasn’t working at Mosaic, I feel that I wouldn’t choose any other child care center for my daughter. I get to see every day, every second how the teachers are treating not only her, but all the children. They are so kind-hearted and loving towards all the children. They treat them as if they were their own children. I expect only the best from the teachers at Mosaic as that is exactly what they deliver. Thank you Mosaic teachers!

    -Nizma Jumani


    I would really like to say thank you all so very much for all your loving care, patience and brilliant work you do with our daughter Ela. She absolutely loves all of you and her school. I couldn’t ask for better teachers. You all are the best.

    -Ela Aguirre


    All of Hardin’s teachers are so welcoming & loving toward him! We love coming here & learning from the caring teachers. Hardin is always excited to see his teachers and gives them big hugs! Thank you all for all you do!

    -Hardin Wisnewski


    Have seen a lot of changes in my daughters communication. Her teacher is doing a great job.

    -Elizabeth Caxton-Idowu (Seyi)


    “Once children learn how to learn, nothing is going to narrow their mind. The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another”. –Marva Collins (???)

    -Alyssa Krawczuk Flores


    Taking care of my one toddler is a very difficult everyday task. The teachers in the Pink Players class take care of more then ten. I know that is a very rough job. Each child is different and has different needs, but these amazing teachers fulfill all the needs for each individual child. David, my son, is still adjusting and I’m grateful for his teachers helping him feel welcomed and loved. He tells me he loves to paint at school. It brings me joy that his teachers do activities like this with him. I am grateful for the patience, love & care the teachers have for my child. Thank you!

    -David Mendez


    I can’t say thanks to you. It’s not enough. Even you being appreciated is still not enough. I have no words to express myself. Only I can say I admire you for all the hard work you do. Thanks to all of you. I see a lot of improvement in my little prince Josh thanks to all the teachers especially Mrs. Amie who takes time to talk to me about Josh. She makes me happy. I really appreciate it. God created teachers for a good purpose. Teachers, you’re loved and appreciated. Million thanks. May God bless all of you. P.S. Thanks to Ms. Erum and mother for the wonderful staff (keep them happy).

    -Joshua Regis


    To all the teachers that take care of my daughters Jada & Toya. Keep up the good work in what you’re doing. I know it’s not easy. Thank you. Jada, Toya & mom love you all.

    -Jada & Toya Simpson


    Ms. Azra & Ms. Liza have truly been an inspiration to Aaliyah. She loves what her teachers teach everyday to help her learn, and appreciate the art of teaching. She demonstrates wanting to be just like her teachers everyday when she comes home. She mimicks the teachers and loves to play “school” with her dolls and stuffed animals being the students. Aaliyah enjoys being a teacher and teaching others and it’s all because of the time, care and goodness that her teachers pour in to her each day. Thank you Ms. Azra & Ms. Liza for being such an inspiration in Aaliyah’s life.

    -Aaliyah Giles


    Thank you for teaching me how to read a book. Thank you for caring for me and thank you for being my teacher. God bless you.

    -Adanna Chira


    The parents of Nicole want to show gratitude for a good education here. She is very content. Thank you for being very professional and grateful.

    -Nicole Gomez


    I would like to thank Ms. D and Mrs. Amie for all the hard work and effort to help out my kid and teach him good manners and right conduct. I also thank all the staff of Mosaic especially Ms. Erum. I really appreciated all the things that you’ve done for my child. Thank you so much.

    -Frederick Reed


    We appreciate your hard work. In the future, when you will meet Tiffany being very successful in life, you will be very proud to know that if it was not for you, she wouldn’t be there. The foundation is very important. Congrats for the good job.

    -Tiffany Wanene


    My child Angelina Mendez has been with the Purple Planners for a little more than 2 months now. The teachers from this classroom are amazing. They show each student individual attention, as hard as that might be. They do an awesome job. My daughter is always saying “Mom, Ms. D loves me and I love her”. That really touches my heart. Just to know my daughter is in wonderful hands, getting the love & attention she needs. Thank you to all the Purple Planners teachers and especially to Ms. D. Love you all for doing a great job with my daughter and meeting all her needs. She has come a long way in 2 months & it’s really all thanks to you!

    -Angelina Mendez


    Mosaic is wonderful for our children! We send them every morning with a confident feeling that they will be taken care of in a way that every parent wishes for their kids. It is hard to trust anyone with our kids, so, you being there for our children just make us feel lucky and blessed. Your teacher’s advice and warmth not just for the kids, but, for us the parents makes us feel a part of a big wonderful family. Having our precious kids under your care was the best decision we have ever made!

    – The Rosenberg Family, Skokie, Illinois


    I am very grateful to Mosaic for all that our child has seen and learned. The time and the patience that the teachers have with the children are just outstanding. Your understanding of the kids is very much appreciated too. I would recommend Mosaic to anyone looking for great day care and school for their kids.

    – Ann Keaton, Chicago, Illinois


    I appreciate that your institution is the door that our children need for a solid start to what will be in the future. Both my daughter and I thank you. It is so nice to have been here and this time it was healthy for her and many children who start in your school.

     – Edena and Roselyn Rimoldi, Chicago, Illinois


    My kid loves this school! My kid has been going to this daycare for about 2 years, and he loves it! They have taught him so much, he’s so smart because of their help. They even helped me potty train him, which is a really hard thing for some kids! The teachers are awesome they are so involved and they really care! I recommend this school for kids!

    – Anet911


    I have and would recommend Mosaic Academy to all my friends and family, this is a daycare that stands for love, caring and understanding of children and their needs. My son Bryan was 15 months old when I signed him up and they took excellent care of him all the way thru Kindergarten. Bryan was reading by the time he was three years old and he continues to excel at his first grade school. Ms. Nisha, the director and her teachers are very caring and are on top of their game!
    This is definitely a place where children not only grow but learn and are challenged.  
    – Doris
    We were very happy with our experience there and would strongly recommend it.   Choosing a full time day care was harder for us than it was for our little one.  She was there for 2 years and we really struggled with taking her out for pre-school but we opted for a local pre-school for various reasons.
    She loved going every day.  She had her favorite teachers and Mosaic always accommodated when she struggled moving from class/teacher to a new one.   
    We interviewed a lot of day cares and Mosaic really stuck out for us.  They weren’t simply a babysitting service.  They had themes, songs, projects and a curriculum of sorts.  We always enjoyed when she came home with something new she learned or created.  They have special days when they bring in the petting zoo or go to the Kohler’s kid museum, water day, ice cream, etc.  I can’t stress enough that I didn’t feel like I was just dropping her off to a room of toys and a baby sitter.
    They allow parent drop ins, they have cameras for parents ($ subscription, of course).  While at first I thought that seemed strange I realized, as we interviewed others, that allowing parents to stop in or look in at random times meant there was nothing to hide.  With all the stuff you see in the news, leaving our 2yo somewhere with no visibility or oversight would have been a bit scary.
    I see a few negative comments on the administration.  I did not have any negative interactions.  All my interaction was very accommodating to our daughter and our requests.   I did think the administration is organized, detail oriented, but I have to imagine that is required to run a place with 50 – 100 (or whatever number of children were there).   And in the end our daughter loved her teachers and that’s what counts.  She didn’t work with administration, we did, and I appreciated being able to have a straight conversation.
    I would highly recommend Mosaic.
    – Jimmie J.
    I highly recommend Mosaic.
    My son has been going to the O[akton] location part time for a few months now and he loves it. The teachers are amazing they care so much about the kids it actually surprised me. Everything actually surprised me. Sana, the owners daughter, helps me with anything I ever need and every time I email her with questions she gets back to me very quickly and is extremely helpful. 
    I receive a newsletter every Friday via email and I am always so happy to see the things that the teachers do with the students and all of the nice pictures.
    This is most definitely NOT babysitting place where you just drop your kid off and the teachers sit/walk around to make sure the kids don’t [hurt] each other. Kids learn so many things at this daycare it’s so nice when my son brings home paintings and other things he has made. The teachers teach them so much I love it. 
    I guarantee that if you enroll your child, he/she will be way more knowledgeable than a child his/her age that was not enrolled in any daycare. 
    I cannot stress how happy I am about everything. From the fact that they keep me updated on everything to my son learning so much! 
    I have nothing but good things to say about Mosaic. 
    Thanks to the entire staff!
    – Emina A.
    My son went to the location on Oakton for almost a year. It is their newer location…it is small, very adorable, and not too overwhelming if you are looking for first time childcare for your little one. 
    He absolutely loved it! They have lots of order and fun curriculum for the kids. They keep the parents updated and are very welcoming!  
    My son will be going to kindergarten in the Fall and I am confident he is more than ready!  Thank you Mosaic!!
    – Kim R.
    As a parent there is no bigger charge than trying to find good daycare for your children. When my family was preparing to move to the area, I didn’t know anyone located on the North Shore and my new co-workers didn’t have young children, so they weren’t able to offer recommendations on a childcare center. I found there were many options around the Evanston/Skokie area, but shockingly few offered care to children over five years of age. This was a key requirement since my husband and I would both be working full time and wouldn’t be able to shuffle both my 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter to and from as we pleased each day.  Then I found Mosaic.  Not only did they offer care for children over 5 (before & after school), but they would also be able to accommodate taking my son to and from Kindergarten when the school year started. SCORE! We have had our children enrolled there since May, and each day provides assurance that we made the right choice.  The Director, Ms. Erum, is an absolute blessing.  She has been a lifesaver in helping us transition through a number of major life changes, which has been crucial to minimizing their effects on our children. 
    There is a system in place to check the kids in and out each day via fingerprint ID in addition to an access code on the door, the front office is right there at the entry so someone is always watching what is happening.  The kids get plenty of outside time and healthy meals & snacks.  They are happy and praised by the teachers who clearly enjoy being there.  There is an invaluable cross-cultural aspect to this center which gives the children exposure to all types of new learning.  We are greeted daily with smiles and hellos by the teachers.  They provide just enough age-appropriate structure and activities, and my kids are always excited to jump into their day when we get there.
    -Stacey P.