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  • Register TODAY for Virtual Preschool. Our dedicated
    E-Learning teacher will deliver Creative Curriculum lesson plans to meet ISBE Preschool standards and benchmarks.

  • Looking for a safe place for your child to complete their
    E-Learning with support provided? Mosaic is now offering an E-Learning Camp to suit your child’s E-Learning needs, and more. Families to provide their own laptop/tablet, chargers & headphones. Prior to arriving, make sure you’re fully charged. Financial Aid is available. Contact Mosaic TODAY!

  • Mosaic’s Kindergarten classroom is an ISBE approved state-certified Kindergarten classroom. We meet the ISBE provided standards and benchmarks, making us an excellent choice for your child’s growth, development, and learning in their early years. Mosaic also keeps your child’s health in mind by providing fresh meals cooked on-site. A parent and teacher communication app is also used in which teachers can share photos, videos, notes, and daily reports about your child, keeping you engaged in their development while you’re at work. Contact Mosaic for more information and to register your child today!

  • Enroll Your Child Today!